We Deliver Results. Here’s How.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Execution Specialists Group (ESG) is a strategy execution-focused consultancy with extensive global experience engaging with client senior leadership to plan and deliver on complex integration, transformation, and innovation objectives. ESG relentlessly focuses on delivering meaningful client outcomes and leaving behind a culture of execution.


We earn credibility and trust with clients through rapid collaboration and sharing of experiences to deliver high-value insights that challenge current thinking and deliver alternatives not previously considered. Our clients derive early benefits from our extensive transformational experience and perspective, having worked with their counterparts at more than 50 leading global companies.


Leveraging our extensive experience and methods, we contemplate and document various approach scenarios and provide an independent view of key issues and tradeoffs. We deliver executive decision tools that fully contemplate implications of various alternatives across both the customer experience and the enterprise at-large.


We frequently augment the detailed planning and execution process by leveraging our learned context through the collaboration and roadmap efforts phase by providing deeply-experienced, tactical resources who work side-by-side with our clients to ensure achievement of target outcomes.