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June 21, 2016

Award-Winning Experience Results in 2016 Forbes “Best Management Consulting Firms”

ESG 06/16/2016


Award-Winning Experience Results in 2016 Forbes “Best Management Consulting Firms”

DENVER – Colorado entrepreneur Mark Newhall founded management consulting firm Execution Specialists Group (ESG) in 2008 following 15 years as a senior executive with Corporate Express NV. Newhall had responsibility for leading the team that planned and executed the integration of hundreds of acquisitions, creating a singular and consistent customer experience across a global footprint.  An extensive consumer of various consulting services during those years crafted Newhall’s vision for a firm that blends the right amount of experiential perspective and advice with practical and proven execution capabilities. Success in both areas form the basis for ESG’s transformational work since that time with the executive teams at more than fifty leading global companies.

ESG connects a client’s last mile of strategic initiative planning with experienced contributions through rigorous and disciplined execution; ESG’s clients feel the same way:

“Gordon Food Service had embarked on a project crucial to our future. Without the knowledge, expertise and wisdom of ESG at the table, it would never have been successful.” Frank Geier, Gordon Food Service, Board of Directors.

Described as an “insurance policy” for its clients when taking on high-stakes transformation, ESG provides insights and perspective not necessarily considered in day-to-day operations. Their unique blend of collaboration and roamapping of strategic alternatives and trade-offs lead to predictable outcomes and realization of strategic aspirations.

“ESG was able to build a business case for every project, define workflows and influence top line decision making without being oppositional. In other words, ESG gets transformation done,” says Ken Cross, former VP of Inside Sales at Office Depot.

It is clear when talking to clients about the impact of the Denver-based team of more than 30 experienced operators and executives; one is reminded of the most effective people in our careers that we’ve worked with. As one client CEO commented “In every company or business unit there are always those one or two people who are simply outstanding, credible, and know how to really effect lasting change; ESG is chocked full of those people.”

“Our clients are fully committed to transformative change. They have deliberately decided to be different. They’re willing to take on the most difficult decisions and are absolutely committed to their vision. These are our best clients, and know how to put our skills to work for them. That’s what makes ESG unique, and also a great place to work.” Steve Martinez, Chief Strategy Officer for ESG.

“Our team relentlessly focuses on delivering meaningful outcomes with our clients, leaving behind an enhanced culture of execution. I believe this to be the most important and valuable return that a consultancy should provide to clients, and am proud of our team for continually delivering on that promise.” Mark Newhall, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESG.
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