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April 19, 2016

ESG Founder Mark Newhall Joins Serial Entrepreneurs Club FANUM


April 2016

FANUM is a serial entrepreneurship club in Greenwood Village Colorado whose name is derived from Latin and refers to a sacred place.  In Etruscan culture the league of twelve city-states met at the Fanum each spring to discuss military and civic affairs.  Like the architectural fanums of the ancient Etruscans, the club serves as a platform for a community of serial entrepreneurs to thrive and prosper.  Membership is carefully curated to foster a unique community of entrepreneurs from different fields and backgrounds, with experience and drive to create value acting as the unifier.  

“We are proud to to become a member of the FANUM community and to welcome our clients to and expand our network in this amazing place,” said Mark Newhall, ESG Founder & CEO. “FANUM’s unique energy fosters the highly-collaborative environment we seek to work in when driving innovation and precision around execution that our clients demand.”

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–Heidi Schneider, ESG Director of Business Development