Mark Newhall
Founder & CEO

The last mile of strategy is the one that matters.

Twenty years of standout executive leadership experience might have a little something to do with Mark’s talent for getting the tough stuff done. In fact, it defines it. He’s unbiased yet focused. He’s practical yet creative. He’s precise yet efficient. It’s no wonder Mark is a trusted advisor to many of ESG’s long-time clients—all while leading business-development efforts and strategically building a team of distinctive corporate leaders with unrivaled agility and skill.

Mark founded ESG in 2008 as a vehicle for executional mastery based on his in-depth know-how of program management, transformation, integration and strategy. Having sat in the C-suite himself, it was Mark’s vision to empower senior leaders with an objective, been-there-done-that perspective, and today ESG proudly transforms the world’s top companies through the power of active execution.

Leadership Experience

  • Founder and CEO, ESG
  • Chief Operating Officer, Marketforce Information Inc.
  • Vice President Global Strategy, Corporate Express NV
  • Vice President Corporate PMO, Corporate Express NA
  • Vice President Integration, Corporate Express NA
  • Division President, Corporate Express New England