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December 18, 2014

PB Line of Sight

Working together to drive powerful strategy execution with clients, the partnership with Execution Specialists Group (ESG) and Prana Business (PB) Line-of-Sight™ makes sense. Prana Business brings a unique point of view to everything they do. Headquartered in Boulder Colorado, PB is a business assessment company spread across 15 different cities with Certified Partners in 8 different countries around the world.

The collaboration using PB Line-of-Sight will allow ESG to uniquely measure the ability of companies and their leadership teams to effectively implement and execute on their  strategic objectives.

We’re very excited to announce the partnership with Mark Newhall and ESG. The combination of their high-level track record and expertise along with the Line-of-Sight™ tools will create a powerful offering that brings the promise of real strategic impact.” – Joe F. Clark, CEO, Prana Business

“In our client experience, the differences in effective strategy execution correlate directly with the extent and depth of leadership alignment.  PB Line-of-Sight provides this visibility and sets a course of action in place at the outset of our client engagement activity, right where it belongs” – Mark Newhall, Founder and CEO, ESG

See our press release from Prana Business here