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December 12, 2016

2016 Forbes-Recognized Business Management Firm Execution Specialists Group (ESG) to Launch Foundation and Expand

DENVER December 12, 2016 ­– Execution Specialists Group (ESG) is pleased to announce the launch of their corporate foundation, Making Strategy Happen (MSH), as well as a corporate office expansion.

Since ESG’s inception in 2008, the nationally recognized strategic management consulting firm continues to evolve and grow in both clientele and associates, expanding into a larger real estate footprint shortly after receiving acknowledgement as one of Forbes’ “2016 Top Management Consulting Firms.”

While ESG services some of the largest companies in the world, solving complex and challenging problems facing businesses today, MSH Foundation will serve as the charitable arm of the firm. The organization is established to positively impact communities nationwide by supporting nonprofit organizations with the donation of time and expertise of ESG employees. This, in turn, empowers those committed to achieving self-sufficiency, intending to give community members in need a hand up instead of a hand out.

“Our goal with MSH Foundation is to help implement change in organizations and individuals who seek to better themselves and the community,” said Mark Newhall, founder and chief executive officer of ESG. “After years of working to assist clients with complex business issues, we believe the best way to give back is to donate the same expertise.”

ESG associates will provide support through the MSH Foundation in all functional disciplines including sales, customer care, merchandising, supply chain, real estate, technology, human resources, finance, and more. Closing out 2016, the foundation has instituted its first partnership with Women’s Bean Project, whose mission is to change women’s lives by providing steppingstones to self-sufficiency. To learn more, visit

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Based in Colorado, Execution Specialists Group (ESG) is a strategy execution-focused consultancy with extensive global experience engaging with client senior leadership to plan and deliver on complex integration, transformation, and innovation objectives. Recognized by Forbes as one of the “Top Management Consulting Firms of 2016,” ESG leaders have managed hundreds of integrations across all functional disciplines including sales, merchandising, supply chain, marketing, real estate, technology, human resources, and finance to deliver disciplined program design and execution. Clients include Office Depot, Salesforce, Google Enterprise, OfficeMax, Staples, Whole Foods, Honda, and more. To learn more about ESG, visit

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