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January 8, 2019

Be selfish, embrace change

In 30 years of experiences at companies, industries, and cultures, two consistencies are that “things will change” and “those that embrace it will often come out better for it.”  

We all agree that things constantly shift under our feet and we cannot do a lot about it. That said, it is surprising what a large percentage of management and staff will push back, complain, drag feet, point out flaws and generally watch the best career opportunities fly past.

If asked for advice from someone starting their career, I would advise them first to be someone that can own things to completion, and the next point would be to look at change as an opportunity.  

Unless you work for NASA, or the like, most change plans (acquisitions, systems, consolidations, etc.) are strawman plans at best. If you are a person that jumps in when there is a void and say ‘I got this,’ it will be noticed. Once things calm down, you may well look around and find that you have moved forward and those that were moaning and complaining are where they were or gone.  

Those that take advantage of this approach at every opportunity are likely to have excellent references and a far more successful career.

Career step changes are far harder to make when a company is in status quo mode. Change is the harbinger of career advances, but only if you jump in an embrace it.

—By Michael Bailey, Principal, ESG


About Michael Bailey

Global technology executive Michael Bailey excels at large-scale systems consolidations and business transformations. With three decades of experience translating business into technology—and vice versa—Michael specializes in the seeing the big picture and defining clear and tactical steps to get there. He’s a Six Sigma Black Belt who delivers operational excellence.  

As a Principal at Denver-based consultancy Execution Specialists Group (ESG), Michael is focused on working with clients to drive transformation through complex program leadership, change management, and defining technology roadmaps that complement a client investment cycles. Michael leverages his global acquisition and integration experience with differentiating technology across brands, business units and industries including maritime shipping, biotech, internet provisioning, office products, print management, promotional marketing, retail, restaurant and commercial kitchen supplies, equipment and parts. Additional information on Michael Bailey can be found on LinkedIn.

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