Getting Your Inside Sales Initiative Right

Two companies going through a large merger brought ESG in to advise them on how to converge their separate go-to-market strategies into one cohesive strategy. They knew they would benefit from outside insight and wanted to ensure that their next moves would lead to long-term growth. We sat in on their initial meeting and listened as they discussed passing an inside sales initiative to their customer service reps.  

This perspective made sense for several reasons; the customer service reps understood the customers, the product, the pricing, and were already set up to make calls. But, because of the insight we had from working with similar M&As, we knew this would not be effective. We pushed back and said that this was not going to work. 

If they wanted this strategy to be effective, then they needed to rethink their approach. Professional inside selling is unique and nuanced, and your customer service reps are not the right people for this initiative. Build this as a strategic asset to the company, or you’re wasting time and money.

Our recent partnership with a B2B service company demonstrates that an inside sales initiative is not only possible, but profitable in today’s shifting marketplace.

Real World Results

After implementing the new strategies, we’d equipped this company to attain more sales, create more revenue, and streamline the company’s core processes. The staff was now optimized to handle inside and outside sales initiatives while adapting to a hybrid work-from-home model. 

With a solid action plan in place, company goals are now attainable and they are finally able to move forward towards success. This new momentum empowers the company for even greater growth and provides the capacity to adapt to new markets and challenges as they appear.

The Future Belongs to Those Who Adapt

Our team has architected and delivered world-class inside selling capabilities for decades. Let us learn about your challenges, and offer insights as to the optimal transformation path to achieve best-in-class through a combination of top talent, bulletproof business process, and technology that attracts and retains the very best sales professionals and customers.


Mark Newhall

Founder of ESG