Jodi Mercer

Things don’t just happen. We make them happen.

Acquisitions. Divestitures. Mergers. Restructuring. System and operational integrations. If businesses do it, Jodi’s seen it. This loyal and trusted senior executive has 15 years of distribution industry experience in both field and corporate finance as well as accounting. She has the financial side of transformative integrations on lock, and she’s not afraid to show it.

At ESG, Jodi operates with tactical precision and a straightforward demeanor. She’s a genuine collaborator, known for thoughtfully setting financial targets, pressure testing one-time costs and execution plans, and establishing tracking and reporting protocol. Jodi is all too happy to lend her expertise to ESG’s client roster, but she also saves some for us. As CFO, she handles our long-term financial planning, compliance, reporting and treasury functions.

Leadership Experience

  • Chief Financial Officer, ESG
  • Vice President / Corporate Controller, Renewable Energy Systems Americas
  • Senior Vice President, CRG West
  • Senior Vice President / U.S. Office Products Controller, Corporate Express
  • Vice President / Region Controller, Corporate Express