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May 5, 2021

Ready to Turn Your Sales Strategy Inside Out?

As learnings from the last year compel alternative thinking around outside versus inside sales, ESG is seeing heightened client focus on adapting go-to-market strategies.  What changes are you making? 

Reinvigorating selling models to include an intensified emphasis on inside selling skills, process and technologies appear to make more sense than ever. Well-designed inside selling models clearly provide an increase in efficiencies, more prospect and customer touches, and all at a significantly lower selling expense than traditional outside sales models. 

As one would expect, new customer acquisition has been challenged through COVID times. Travel challenges have impacted in-person trust-building, videoconferencing has emerged as a sort of quasi “new normal”—all underscoring the need to expand and maximize insights within existing client portfolios through virtual selling, line of business expansion, and an enhanced customer buying experience.  

A well-trained, technology-equipped Inside Sales Professional typically achieves more frequent and well-informed touches than their counterparts in Outside Sales, resulting in more selling opportunities.  Reimagining your Sales and go-to-market model—to the volatility and uncertainty of today’s business landscape—requires experience, insights, and perspective as to how to best approach the myriad of this transformation challenge. 

ESG has architected and delivered world-class inside selling capabilities for more than ten years. Let us learn about your challenges, and offer insights as to the optimal transformation path to achieve best-in-class through a combination of top talent, bulletproof business process, and technology that attracts and retains the very best sales professionals and customers. 

—By Stephen Danizio, Director, Business Development, ESG

Headquartered in Denver, with offices in Chicago and Boston, Execution Specialists Group (ESG) is a strategy execution-focused consultancy with extensive global experience engaging with client senior leadership to plan and deliver on complex innovation and transformation objectives. ESG relentlessly focuses on delivering meaningful client outcomes and leaving behind a culture of execution. Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms for six years running in the areas of Business Strategy and Supply Chain, ESG clients include Advance Auto Parts, Bridgestone, Caesars Entertainment, Gordon Food Service, Office Depot/OfficeMax, Target Corporation, Whole Foods and more. To learn more about ESG, visit

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