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March 7, 2018

Let’s Face Facts: It’s Never a “Merger of Equals”

DaimlerChrysler.  AOL Time Warner. Exxon-Mobil. These are just some of the high profile case studies (some good, most disastrous) that spring to mind whenever companies start discussing a “merger of equals.” From a strictly technical standpoint, a merger of equals occurs whenever stockholders of both companies trade in their old stock for ownership in a…

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February 20, 2018

Is Yours a Wartime or a Peacetime C-Suite?

It has been said that “to everything, there is a season.” Truer words were never spoken regarding the cycles a business will go through. Growth happens, chaos occurs. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It is unavoidable. As businesses look to sustain growth, inevitably the notion of M&A – or at least some form of integration – will occur.…

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Denver, CO – February 13, 2018

ESG’s Jodi Mercer Joins Emily Griffith Foundation Board

Execution Specialists Group (ESG), a strategy execution-focused consultancy,  is pleased to announce the appointment of ESG’s Chief Financial Officer, Jodi Mercer, to the Emily Griffith Foundation Board of Directors for a three-year term (2018-2020).   Mercer joins the Emily Griffith Foundation Board with more than 17 years of senior executive and distribution industry experience in…

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January 31, 2018

For M&A Consulting, Nothing Beats “Been There, Done That”

At this point on the calendar, near-and long-term business predictions for 2018 and beyond are easy to come by, and frankly not all that valuable. What is known, however, is that this year hundreds of mergers and acquisitions will be announced, planned or executed and, subsequently, companies will pay hundreds of millions of dollars to consulting…

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